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This post comes a little late (lets call it fashionably late) as the announcement regarding demonstrators, program and venue was made around 2 weeks ago.

That said I am also very happy to announce that i have been selected to demonstrate as part of the event. I feel very lucky, grateful (and a touch nervous) to have been given the opportunity to stand along side artists that I have admired during my own journey down the bonsai rabbit hole.

Some of the names you might recognise are:

Hugo Zamora – Latin America region
Kim Seok Ju – Asia-Pacific region
Ravindran Damodar – South Asia region
Zhang Zhigang – China region
Shinji Suzuki – Japan region
Marc Noelanders – Europe region
Michael Hagedorn – North America region
Jonathan Cain – Africa region
Tony Bebb – Australia-New Zealand region
• And me…. Joe Morgan-Payler – Australia-New Zealand region

There will also be a suiseki display critique by Seiji Morimae which will no doubt be insightful and interesting.

The full program and other information about the convention and perth in general can be found at the convention website:

You can also keep up to date on the facebook page found here:

For the astute reader, you can also find a bearded me (convention video) and a clean shaven me (convention booklet) hidden around the site.

With every thing happening across the globe at this time I am really looking forward to this event as something positive to aim for. It’s going to be a great event!

I hope to see and meet as many of you as I can in 2021 in Perth. If you see me in beard or without come up and say hello!

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