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It’s spring in my garden and I am enjoying watching my trees wake up from their winters rest.

One thing that I noticed was that I seem to have two distinct types of trident maple in my yard.

Left: Red new growth. Right: Green new growth.

The above photo shows the differences nicely. Some of my trees leaf out with red new growth that slowly goes green, where as the other tridents new growth is green from the start.

The trees with red new growth tend to form better ramification as a rule where as the green new growth trees it is a bit more course and they are less likely to form fine growth. I know another local grower, Neil of Shibui bonsai has had made similar observations. He was saying that the red growth trees formed good ramification where as the green growth trees trunks and roots tended to be better.

Does anyone have any experiences similar to this? I am pretty sure they are from the same seed source but I guess they could be from different places? Maybe just seed variation?

Is this a common observation across the globe? I would be keen to hear people’s thoughts. Please comment below.

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