Well it has been a big year for me. I have spent it studying japanese full-time, while teaching, demonstrating and working on bonsai and client’s trees. This has all come with its challenges but all in all has been a great experience. On top of this, a couple of weeks ago I returned from a trip to Japan for both language immersion and bonsai which was the best way I could imagine to see out the last months of the year.

With all these things going on though it has not left much time for me to update the blog. Hopefully in the new year I will have more time to dedicate to posts and of course my own trees.

While I was in Japan I was lucky enough to visit the Taikan-ten exhibition. This time around they allowed photography by the general public so I was able to take many photos of the trees on display and as I process the images I will upload them over a series of posts. The show itself was a bit of a mixed bag with both extremely high quality trees which were sometimes next to trees that looked like they needed further work and developement. Of course the entire show was well worth the visit and as was the sales area.

For the time being I have included a teaser of future posts. Enjoy the photos and happy new year!