For the next 4 or 5 weeks I will be in Japan so will most probably not have the opportunity to post on the blog as much as I would like during that time. My trees are going off to be baby sat this weekend as we make our final plans. Although the trip is family based I am going to make sure I squeeze a few bonsai stops in along the way and hopefully also make it to the Gafu-ten show in Kyoto as well as a handful of nurseries.

In the mean time, I will leave you with a display I made with the talented Mario Komsta when I was studying at Taisho-en. We were talking about display and quickly grabbed some small items that were at hand that were in scale with this tiny black pine. We played around with various arrangements and stands to test a few different ideas.

This was the final arrangement. We jokingly called it ‘3 points of our lives’ as most of the days we spent working together on bonsai, we talked about girls, cars and Mario’s favorite topic, motorbikes.

3 points of interest? convenience store toy car, hand-made news paper pop star girl scroll and beautiful mini black pine.

When I get back from Japan I should have a whole heap of photos to share.

Until then…….