I am back from a hectic 3 weeks in Japan.

Most of the other times i have been to Japan i have gone with the intention of cramming in as many bonsai related things as i could. This time was a little different. I went to Japan this time to get married. So needless to say, i had far less time to do bonsai things. That being said i did manage to fit some in.

I visited a few nurseries, the new Omiya bonsai museum and the Gafu-ten exhibition. It was getting close to the selection time for Kokufu-ten so most nurseries had there submissions out being prepared.

I would have liked to come home with a suitcase full of pots, but it was instead full of suits, shoes and my wife’s things (as she is relocating to Australia).

I did fit a few things in though, including some Bunzan and Juko pots as well as some tools and a stone that caught my eye. I was also very lucky to be given a very old pot in a kiri box.

Hopefully some of the things i brought back will become the topics of future posts. In the meantime while i sift through my pictures here is one from the sales area of Gafu-ten of to wet your appetites.

Gafu-ten sales area.

Hopefully by the end of the week i will have found time to make a full Gafu-ten post.