I am a Landscape Architect and I am very lucky in that I work with many creative and talented people. One such colleague makes hand painted porcelain in her spare time. The first time I saw her work I immediately imagined how great it would work as a bonsai pot.

The pots shown below are a 3 pot set that i commissioned. I sent her some pictures that showed the pot shape I was after and then i chose carp motifs that I had seen on some of her other works.

When I received the finished products I couldn’t stop smiling. For a first try at bonsai pottery she had hit the nail on the head. They were exactly what I had wanted.

One of the pots.

Two pots from the 3 pot set.

The signature that appears on the base of each pot.

The detail in the painting is amazing.

Two of the 3 pots

I really like how the water has been represented in this pot.

These 3 pots are very welcome additions to my collection. Hopefully in the future I can encourage my friend to make some more.

The next big decision is what to grow in them. I am thinking a japanese flowering quince may work well. I think that the red flowers of ‘chojubai’ would go very well with these pots. Hopefully I can grow some worthy of the pots.